World’s biggest prison: 60 days since Kashmir Lockdown


World’s biggest prison: 60 days since Kashmir Lockdown

Defiance on the streets of Srinagar it’s the largest city and the summer capital of Indian Administrated Kashmir. Protesters chanted pro-Pakistan slogans and demanded an end to what they described as Indian Occupied Kashmir of their territory.

Kashmir, World’s biggest prison, has been controversial since when India and Pakistan divided it but continued to dispute ownership. But two months ago India evoked the special legal status for Kashmir. That enshrined in its constitution that ended the region’s autonomy including its ability to enact its law. It also scrapped legal restriction on outsiders owning and settling on land death. Now many residents fear the move is part of a plan by New Delhi to change the makeup of its people.

Thousands of Indian army and security personnel deployed and security crackdown posed communications blocked. And there are severe restrictions on movement hundreds of political leaders and activists have also been detained. People say there are only soldiers on the streets and their lives and businesses have been disrupted.

Some people have found themselves stranded. Parents say many are afraid to send their children to school. India’s new measures have inflamed decades-long tensions with Pakistan on the other side of the divided line. During the last few weeks that sled two military clashes both from the air and on land and concerns in the wider region were possible all-out war between the two nuclear powers.

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