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Here is the list of top 20 most Deadliest Animals of the world for humans. The 2nd in the list is shocking.

20: Sharks


In result of shark attacks, 6 people get killed per year. Sharks ranked No. 20 on the list of Top 20 Deadliest Animals in the world for Humans.

19: Wolves


Wolves are typically fearful of humans and avoid people. But occasionally attacks human.

18: Jellyfish


The sting of box Jellyfish is extremely painful for humans.

17: Tigers


Tigers occasionally attacked people on zoos. They took many human lives in past years.

16: Bees

Bees, wasps, hornets and other flying insects are extremely dealiest animals in United States.

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15: Lions


Lions are predator. Mostly victims of lion attacks are tourists and poachers.

14: Elephants


Elephants are vegetarian. But they are giant in size and can be dangerous for humans.

13: Hippopotamuses


If Hippopotamuses feels threatened, it can attack on the opponent.

12: Crocodiles


Crocodiles are fast and aggressive and extremely dangerous for humans as well as other animals.

11: Tapeworms


Human can contract tapeworms by eating uncooked pork or beef or under cook fish.

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10: Ascaris roundworms

Ascaris roundworms

According to experts estimate, one-sixth of the world population is infected with Ascaris roundworms. These can damage human’s heart, lungs and liver.

9: Tsetse flies

Tsetse flies

Tsetse flies found in Sahara Desert Africa. It’s sting when transmitted to human, can cause deadly sleeping illness.

8: Scorpions


Scorpion sting is one of the most venomous sting for human. In some religions, people eat these scorpions after killing them in their houses.

7: Freshwater snails

Freshwater snails

The freshwater snail is responsible for transmitting a deadly parasitic disease called schistosomiasis. This disease can be found in South America, Asia and Africa. It can damage human liver, intestines and spleen. 

6: Kissing bugs

Kissing bugs

Kissing bugs can be found in United States. Its bite transmit parasite that can cause Chagas disease. Many people do not know that they are suffering from Chagas disease.

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5: Dogs


Dog, a men’s best friend can also be deadly. Its bite can be venomous and sometimes cause death.

4: Sandfly


Sadfly can transmit a parasitic disease called leishmaniasis. These flies can transmit cutaneous, mucocutaneous and visceral leishmaniasis.

3: Snakes


Snake is venomous and can cause instant death. Due to snake bite, 60,000 people died per year.

2: Humans


Strange? Yes, humans are in the list. Humans are involved in shooting, car accidents and war killings. Over half million humans killed by humans.

1: Mosquitoes


When we talk about Mosquitoes, we talk about malaria, but Zika, dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis and yellow fever also can be dangerous. 

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